Replacement screen for Commodore SX-64 5.6” LCD JD567M03 AT056TN52

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This is the well known replacement screen for the Commodore® SX-64. This LCD is the best choice if you want a crisp and sharp picture with great colours. Interlace mode displays like on real CRT. Tested with different Demos and Games.

Contents: LCD screen including driver board for VGA and YC input, cable harness with PSU- and Mini-Din Y/C (S-video) connector, controller PCB with cable.

Technical Details:
SVideo input - Y/C Luma Chroma
LCD display size: 5.6 inch
LCD aspect ratio: 4:3
Backlight: LED
Brightness: 200±50 cd/m2
View angle(U,D,L,R): (50/70/70/70)
Screen size: 126.5(W)×100(H)×5.7(D)mm
Viewable display area: 112.896(W)×84.672(H)mm
Operating voltage(Power supply <=0.3VPP): Min:DC9V;S:DC12V;Max:DC15V;
Operating current(DC 12V power supply): DC200mA ±20mA
Power consume: 2.4W typically
Operation temperature: 0°C~60°C
Storage temperature: -20°C~70°C
Relative humidity: 5~90%RH

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